Following the co-operative efforts of a variety of agencies, the number of young people becoming victims of knife crime is falling. Nevertheless, this is still an area of deep concern both in colleges and in society as a whole. Knife and gun crimes, especially among young people, are often related to gang cultures that have grown in recent years in some parts of the UK.

The need to break this culture is urgent but the obstacles to achieving this are significant. Colleges have asked for support in making their College a safer place for learners.

This area of the website provides: 

  • a self-assessment tool to help providers consider these issues within their college and community. This is organised around six key themes that have been identified by Colleges as of importance
  • guidance about what colleges should consider as effective practice and what action they might take
  • case studies from a number of colleges illustrating how they have tackled these issues
  • links to other useful information, research and resources.
The information and guidance provided is based on research carried out by LSIS in England in 2009.