Dialogue Policies and Procedures


The Association of Colleges

The association of colleges produces a series of ‘Quality Information Packs’ that are relevant to ‘Dialogue, policies and procedures’, with particular relevance to equality and diversity.
The summaries are taken from the AoC website.

Ensuring Equality of Opportunity (February 2002)

Disciplinary Procedures

The purpose of a disciplinary procedure and its associated code of conduct is to ensure that learners are aware of the consequences of breaching the code and that justice is seen to be done .

An effective disciplinary procedure should;

Complaints Policies

The purpose of a complaints policy and its accompanying procedure is to make clear to all staff and all learners that the college takes complaints seriously and has robust systems in place to respond to them. 

Student Charters

The purpose of a student charter is to make a clear statement of what the learner can expect from the college and what the college expects from the learner.

An effective student charter should:


Colleges have both moral and legal obligations in relation to the safety of learners. These range from colleges’ duty (under Every Child Matters) to have a safe environment for learners through to being aware of the types of situations that can create an environment where extremism can develop and taking action to reduce such possibilities. 

Research and Resources

Click the example resources below to find out how these institutions have approached certain areas.

Policies and Procedures

Colleges are required, both legally and morally, to create an environment that is safe and where all learners are treated fairly and equitably. To achieve this, colleges may formalise the entitlement of learners in:

  • a student charter – a clear statement of what the learner can expect from the college and what the college expects from the learner.

All colleges must have:

Self Assessment Tool

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